ACT Architects – Professional work

Year done – 2011

Role – Master Planning Team Member, Urban Design Team Leader, Architectural Visualization.


Area: 254 ha (623 acres)
Location: 10 km South of Dalat, South Vietnam

The location for this project was unique in its following features: (a) inside a resort zone around Tuyen Lam Lake, (b) covered by prolific pine forests strictly protected by the Government, and (c) suffering annual flood waters in rainy season. Therefore, the project’s highlights consisted of (i) an optimal respect for the locational resources and constraints, and (ii) sustainability.

These highlights were addressed as follows:

  • Road levels closely followed the area topography;
  • The number of cut-down trees was kept at the possible minimum;
  • Sparse areas were optimized for housing and resort functions;
  •  Main houses were placed above the flood level, whereas hybrid areas (e.g.: sport game centers) were half under the flood level, allowing the use of adaptable sports like boating.