Ball State University – Academic work

Year done:- 2013

This project, the Columbus Art Center, is the studio of ARCH 501.2 – Comprehensive Studio, which demands for a new art center on the site of the Columbus Post Office.

The Columbus Post Office was designed by Kevin Roche in 1970. Controversial opinions revolved around the design of the Post Office; however, the arcade front side was regarded as the historical image of the building. Additionally, the site is located in the development plan of the Art District. Therefore, both the historicity of the arcade front site and the context of the site location were considered in early phases of the design process.

The Center includes (i) two art galleries, (ii) a conference center, (iii) Columbus Architecture Archive, (iv) art studios, (v) an extended-stay residential tower,(vi) a spacious exhibition, and (vii) a cafe bar space. The New Arcade is the modern successor of the existent one, while the Residential Tower and the Courtyard extend the entertainment activities of the Fourth Street to the whole site. Being at the  cross of Brown Street and Fourth Street, the Tower plays the role of a distinctive landmark. The majority of the preexisting steel frames have been kept. The new steel frame’s and the concrete frame tower’s grids are were strategically arranged to conform with the present structure.