Ball State University – Academic work

Year done: 2013

This project is the final project of  ARCH 581, a foundation course in Digital Fabrication techniques. Aiming at the process of learning and experimenting with different digital fabrication techniques, particularly with the reference to and application of natural patterns, the course requires, for the final product,an “urban machine” project that activates the public space.

ln Nothing but Flowers: Against Public Space, Aaron Betsky argued that, ‘Public space is a place where many activities overlap: rich confusion, commerce, seduction, and filth. Public space works not as a designed  element, but it is instead carved out by wheeling and dealing, crossroads, and the chance at freedom, where a person emerges from shadows into light that grows into the ever extending space of public gathering and demonstration and seeps into every open pore of the city”.

Undertaking Betsky’s ideology, this project plays the role of  a hi-tech modular structure that can flexibly be aggregated to create various types of spaces. The structure is wired with a programmable fiber-optical led light system. Electricity would be provided by the PV panels on top. One of the proposed applications for this structure is a hi-tech bus-stop.