Architectural Manifesto – Dec, 2014

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Architectural Manifesto – Dec, 2014


As human civilization advances, each era has been marked by its own history, culture, technology & science achievements, tools & method of labor, and architecture. We are now entering the age of digitalization and I believe that architecture is changing according to the rapid change of the society, and the change of tools & method of labor.  I believe that the evolution of our discipline would be CUSTOMIZATION, DIGITALIZATION & SOCIALIZATION. That would radically change both the process of how we do the work as well as the design artifact. New architecture forms & styles might be born and also the program of use would also change.

Physical model – Age of Customization

Stone age Tools – Life – Architecture


Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England – 3000 BC

Bronze & Iron ages Tools and Architecture


Source: Life in an Iron Age Village –

Classical, Medieval & Renaissance ages – Tools and Architecture


Laon Cathedral in Laon, France – 12th century Gothic architecture

Industrial age – Tools and Architecture


20th century – Skyscraper’s facade


Information ages to Post-modernism in Architecture


The Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic – 1996

Design by Frank Gehry

How we do the job now?

how we do


Digitalizing Architecture

Endesa Pavillion, Barcelona, Spain, – Designed by Marge-Lab, 2011