Since 2006, I have started my career in the building industry in South East Asia region with various roles and responsibilities . Currently residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I am contributing my humble knowledge and experiences in making the differences to people lives through architectural design. Over the years of practice, I have learnt to believe that design is matter and have enjoyed the architect’s job more and more. There is just so much to learn and to contribute professionally.

In the 21st century, an era of interdisciplinary knowledge, I do not limit my areas of interest to architecture alone but also expand my grasp to various design-related fields, from architectural visualization, digital fabrication, digital publishing to digital film-making. Having equipped myself with a set of skills required of a senior architectural designer, I enjoy acquiring up-to-date knowledge, developing novel skills and encountering new challenges. In embracing the ideology of lifelong learning, I hope to respond with dynamics to this ever-changing world and persist in my lifetime passion for architecture with notable success.